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    Dear Employer:

    Now that your Carpenters are covered by the Workers’ Compensation Addendum under an approved insurance carrier’s policy, they must be officially notified of the coverage.  Therefore, along with the approved insurance carriers in the ADR program, Medical Providers and the Carpenters Union, the Trust has prepared the Employee Packet.

    The Employee Packet is an integral component of your insurance coverage.  It gives each Carpenter the necessary information for claimed injuries; it explains the unique coverage to them; and the Acknowledgement Form records that each Carpenter has received this information.  The Employee Packet is very important for later claims processing and your help is appreciated.


    First, please insert your company’s name and address on the Acknowledgement Form and make enough copies for your Carpenter employees.


    Second, please give a packet to each Carpenter immediately upon his or her
    becoming covered by the Workers’ Compensation Addendum and have them sign the Acknowledgement Form.   This will be necessary:
    1.    When the Workers’ Compensation Addendum first takes effect, or
    2.    When the Carpenter is hired.
    Third, please mail me all signed, original Acknowledgement Forms.


    Finally, please call Alice Vandeventer, Administrative Coordinator, when you need additional Employee Packets and she will immediately ship more to you.

    Thank you for your help and cooperation.  Please feel free to take a sample packet for your office and call me with questions or suggestions.



    ADR Director


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